Concealed Cisterns – The Future of Modern Bathrooms

Looking to make unattractive exposed cisterns and their waste pipes a thing of the past, designers & architects have turned to concealed cisterns as the perfect choice in changing the entire aesthetics of your bathroom. Offering what other plumbers are as of yet unable to provide, Peter Sayers Plumbing specialises in the service of these elegant, streamlined concealed cisterns & toilets.

Concealed cisterns, as the name suggests, is simply a toilet tank that is usually hidden inside or behind a wall but can also be stowed away inside cabinetry or in the ceiling. Innovative and clean cut, concealed cisterns provide many advantages to the modern day homeowner, allowing creative freedom in regards to design, durability and spaciousness.

With over 36 years in the business, Peter Sayers Plumbing are the nominated service agents for Geberit but also service Caroma Invisi, Grohe-Dal, Tece, Viega & Valsir. With expert knowledge in the installation, servicing and repairs of concealed cisterns, you can rest assured you’re in the most experienced hands with Peter Sayers Plumbing.

Our advanced understanding of contemporary cisterns have made us the number one choice for property managers, real estate agents and property owners across the greater Sydney region for over 12 years and with the popularity of concealed cisterns continuing to rise, we do not imagine this will change anytime soon.

Interested to see how a concealed cistern & toilet can completely change the aesthetic of your bathroom? Contact Peter Sayers Plumbing today for a free quote!