Cost Savings

A quick guide on small things you can do to save money on your next plumbers visit.

  • Clear the cupboard out ready for the plumber. Clear every shelf in the vanity or kitchen cupboard. (The easier the access in the cupboard the quicker the job may be!)
  • Be ready & available to answer any questions. (The more information you can give the plumber the quicker he may be able to work out the problem & therefore rectify the situation)
  • Be aware where the sewer inspection shaft & access points are. These are where the plumber will need to access to clear a sewer blockage. (They may be hidden in the garden somewhere or under a pot plant or long grass. Finding these can take up valuable time
  • LISTEN! Listen carefully, something you may hear could help with solving the problem. E.G. A leak might not be audible during the day, due to traffic noise, but can be heard in the N/East corner of the house at night.
  • Have you got a sewer diagram? (Always part of a contract of sale for the property for the last 20 years. Find the diagram, the plumber may well need it in the case of a sewer blockage
  • If you want to renew a part of a water or sewer or stormwater line, consider pre digging the line. Get some mates over for a digging BBQ. (Saves the cost of excavation at a plumbers rates)
  • Try to consider your future plans for the property. Don’t renew a section of sewer for example if you want to put a pool there in a years time, move it in preparation for the future works. Consider the size of your hot water system if you are putting an extra bathroom in.
  • Consider whether the services are in good condition before laying a new driveway over.
    (Renew if necessary)