After 36 years in the plumbing & construction industry you can rest assured that if there is a plumbing design issue that can’t be solved by usual practices an answer can be found if you just think outside the square!

Peter has spent many years working in commercial, industrial & residential buildings for both maintenance & construction. Many of these years we were actively involved in the design & construction of very exclusive high end homes in the northern beaches of Sydney & the eastern suburbs. Properties with 8-10 bathrooms, 4, 5 & 6 stories high! Designed by unyielding architects determined to place services in minimal spaces with difficult near impossible access. These situations require careful planning for not only the installation, but also for the future maintenance. Long after the project is finished, some facet of the plumbing may require maintenance & that’s going to be difficult if the pipework is buried 3-4 metres under a driveway! Careful planning will leave you with a maintenance option for all areas of the property.

We are able to help with this planning with ideas a little out of the ordinary, hence our many years with Bellevarde Constructions. Bellevarde is Sydney’s most awarded builder of homes in the over $5m bracket. As in John Fielding’s testimonial we have always had considerable design input for many of their most demanding projects.

If your stuck for how to achieve an outcome, from helicopters to access difficult sites, to pump arrangements or difficult layouts give us a call.